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Re: Where's George?

George Booth announced:

> Myself
> and the also undead
> Karla will be fully participating in the 2003 AGA
> Conference. More than
> fully, actually.

Now that we have confirmed George is alive, I have one
question:  Who is George Booth?   ;-)

Anyway, it's nice to see recent posts from Paul Sears and
Paul Krombholz, Dan Resler and others, from whom we have
seen fewer posts in the current epoch.  But their
contributions to aquatic gardening pop up all over the web
(e.g., the Krib, and APD).  If a few of my muddle-minded
mare's nests to help bring them forward, I'm sort of glad I
was so confused.  :-\

Could this mean that we might see them in Dallas?  It's
starting to look like it's gonna be one helluva convention
(pardon my french).

and thanks again, guys.

Scott H.

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