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Algae on slow-growth leaves

Over the last couple of months I've been changing my tank parameters a bit to try and make things work better. Dropped from 192 watts of PC light to 96 watts of PC light. That helped tremendously. Things aren't dying off anymore. I've also started upping the fertilizer dosages a bit at a time.

Lo and behold, things are definitely doing better. I'm no longer getting hair algae, but now I am getting what appears to be green spot algae (the hard stuff) growing on my slow-growing plant leaves, primarily the anubias and lobelia. Here are some pics:


Check out the 3 pics with algae in the names. What could be causing this? It certainly must be an excess of something. Here are my (current) tank parameters: :)

55 gallon
96 watts PC
co2 injection
15ml Flourish per week
15ml Flourish Trace per week
50% water change weekly (Tom Barr method) :)
Epsom Salt after water change

Also, you can see red stuff all over the wood. Is this another type of algae, or perhaps a bacteria?