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Good Vendor

I know it can be dangerous to say something negative about a vendor but when a vendor does really good I don't think it hurts to share the experience.

I just wanted to say something good about my experiences so far with Big Als Online.  I ordered two Eheim 2217s from them a few weeks ago.  They were $109.95 US each.  Included were a full filter media pack and quick disconnect valves.  I thought that this was an excellent value.

Second, I just ordered another filter, a Supreme Skilter from them.  I got a call from them at 5:30 CST two nights ago.  They told me the credit card number was incorrect.  So I gave them the correct number (I had originally mistyped it).  I had also mentioned in the comments line in the on-line order that another store had the Skilter for less than they were charging.  The person on the phone told me that Big Als had checked this out and that I was getting the filter for 5 % less than the advertised price from the other vendor.

Can't get better than that.

Steve Pituch

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