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Re: Duetto Filter DJ100

Kirk, one of the reasons the Duetto is working well for you is because the
air intake actually feeds right into the impeller where as most other
venturi intakes are after the impeller. I've always had a Duetto in one tank
or another or as an extra filter to use for occasional chemical filtration,
I like them a lot.

Giancarlo Podio

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Last night I bought a Duetto DJ100 internal filter to use as a CO2 "reactor"
(or whatever you would like to call it, couldn't think of anything better).
I hooked my pressurized CO2 system up to its air intake tube and let it rip.
Previously I had been bubbling the CO2 into the intake tube of my Fluval 404
canister, but, it seemed that the gas was getting trapped in the cannister
only to be released in bulk after building up over a period of time,
releasing large bubbles, rattling the filter, and I am sure, wasting the
CO2. My pH was 7.2 yesterday at this time. Today it is 6.2. Talk about good
CO2 mixing. So, I am dropping the bubble rate down from 1 per second to 1
every 3 seconds to see where it stabilizes. I have the filter's flow rate
set at its lowest as well. I know this topic has been brought up on APD
before, but, I just wanted everyone to know that it does indeed work well
(at least for me)!