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Re: Turnover rate of Tiger lotus leaves

When I planted a red Tiger Lotus in a tank it did not
loose any of its leaves. I don't believe age has
anything to do with loosing leaves.

The problem may be nutrient related but it sounds more
like a bacterial or fungal problem since it is the
base of the petioles which are rotting. One possible
cause is that the bulb is planted too deeply. The
growing point should be visible above the substrate.

If this is the case pull the plant up until all the
growing point is visible. 

You can also mix some rooting hormone powder
(containing fungicide) with water 50:50, and fill a
1ml syringe or pipette and squirt the suspenion slowly
round the growing point. The powder will settle if
there is not a strong current. The hormone helps
growth and the fungicide will help prevent further

Hope this helps.



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