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Re: Turnover rate of leaves on Tiger Lotus


This is exactly what is happening. Rotting off at the base. My GH is definitely not 1, though. Last time I tested, it was somewhere in the range of 6 dGH, and the dKH is about 8. Is this possibly too high?
Right now, all but one of the original large leaves have fallen off, and there are only a few small leaves hanging on. Will try the nutrient route and see what happens.

Dave M's late reply to Kirk about the leaves on his tiger lotus reminded me that I meant to reply to. The problem is that otherwise healthy leaves rot from base of the plant.

I had this problem also, and it was really frustrating. At the time the GH of my water was around 1. I started adding Seachem's Equilibrium to bring it up to around 4, and this has stopped hapening. Right now I am solving the problem of it getting too big in two ways: first, by cutting off older leaves, since they were getting covered with BBA (a problem which is almost gone), and second, by changing my mind every month or so about where I want the plant to be, and uprooting it.



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