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Re: The chilling truth about cold horsepower

For example a 610 watt air conditioner is rated for 6000
BTU/hr cooling capacity.  610 watts=2077 BTU/hr yields 6000
BTU/hr cooling capacity.  Does this not seem odd?

I'm neither an engineer nor do I have any HVAC experience, but ...
it seems to me that the 610 watts A/C is USING 610 watts of power to MOVE up to 6000 BTU/hr from the cold side of the coils to the hot side.
The 610 watts are used in compressing the fluid, in line friction, and in general inefficiencies.
The 6000 BTU/hr might as well be 6000 gallons/hr, if we were taking water here, instead of heat.
No? Completely off the wall?

Michael Eckardt