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Re: Turnover rate of leaves on Tiger Lotus

>It sounds like the plant is fairly new (less than 1-2 months) in your
>If you are getting new growth from this plant, and the majority of the 
>existing leaves are healthy, then the biggest problem you are going to
>is keeping it small enough for your tank.
>If your total leaf count starts declining, suspect a missing nutrient.
>have heard of any fish that are typically kept in a plant tank that eat

>this one.

To add a bit, if the lotus is newer, give it a month or so to settle
down.  If it's still dropping/losing leaves after more than 6-8 weeks,
you are likely missing some key nutrient (potassium?) - provided that
your fish aren't messing with it.

Mine would occasionally get holes and I'd dose some potassium and stick
about half a jobe's plant spike under the roots.  Between the two,
things perked back up for several months.  Just make sure you have room
- my leaves were 6" across - with 6-10 at once.  I'd cut some back just
to thin the thing out - a 55 is never as big as you think.