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Tom Barr 3 Day Blackout in progress-any recommendations?

After inadvertently uncovering some Jobes spikes into my tank, algae exploded. Multiple large water changes eliminated the urea or whatever from the Jobes spikes, but my first ever Greenwater infection hit while I was on a trip (why does everything happen while we are away?). So I bit the bullet and started a Tom Barr 3-day blackout on Saturday afternoon.

   * Large water change before blackout
   * All 5 sides covered, room darkened. There ain't NO light in that tank.
   * Filter & Heaters ON, CO2 OFF.
   * No feeding or fert dosing during blackout.
   * HOT Magnum running with 2 alternating micron cartridges

I plan to let the blackout continue through Wednesday morning (3.5 days).

After the blackout,here's the plan:
   * Large water change planned right after blackout ends
   * Immediate restoration of NO3, K, traces (Flourish), Ca, Mg,
   * P if necessary
   * Temporarily plant a few more stem plants

Any suggestions? Do I have this all right? Thanks!