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Re: The chilling truth about cold horsepower - Or fun with numbers

I keep misstating something that has got to make this stuff
all the more confusing.

In previous posts I referred to reference tables saying
that 1 hp = 12,000 Tons Refrigeration (TR).   What I meant
and what the listings have been is 1 hp = 1 TR, and 1 TR =
equals 12,000 BTU/hr.

Nonetheless, unfortunately, the mystery remains for we find
that 1 HP = 1 TR = 12,000 BTU/hr


1 HP = 2540 BTU/hr

For this last equation to work, 1 HP must equate to
0.212121472 TR, and *that* equation shows up too in some

Yet it must be difficult for 1 TR = 0.212121472 TR, whether
input or output.

Even correcting for my sloppiness, the math is difficult to

Based on the input energy ratings and the horsepower output
capacity, the following chillers, rated 1/5 hp, have the
following energy efficiencies:

ViaAqua           135%
JBJ               200%
Aqualogic         135% 
CusmtomSealife    ? (BTU not listed.

Since efficiencies greater than unity mean more energy is
output than input, this means, apparently, iIf we run
enough of these chillers, we can stop importing oil

Scott H.

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