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Re: PMDD Dosing Schedule

Kirk asked about the PMDD dosing schedule.

> I just started  using PMDD, and am a little confused as to the dosage that
> I should start with.  I bought the ingredients from Homegrown Hydroponics,
> and used their mixing recipe for the amount of each dry solution to
> add.  It is a little different from what I have seen on the Krib, but, it
> seems that it is focused on making smaller quantities than that on the
> Krib.  Anyway, my question is this:  the article on The Krib says to dose
> 1/12 mL (one twelfth) of PMDD per 10 gallons of water.  Homegrown's site
> says to dose 3 mL per 100 L (about 25 gallons I would guess) of water in
> your tank.  This is a BIG difference.  Which should I do?  I know that you
> should determine the dose that is right for you over time by
> experimentation and monitoring levels of NO3 and Fe, but I don't want to
> start off OVERDOSING the tank and causing algae problems.

3 ml per 100 liters would be way too much. 1 to 5 drops per day per 100
liters would be close. It depends upon the light intensity etc.
etc...You'll have to test for nitrates.