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Re: Where's George--And When was he most George

I have a suspicion that the reason we haven't heard from George recently can be found in another April posting he made. Having survived electrocution, he went on to do experiments on the growth of aquatic plants in a direct current electrical field, and, perhaps unwisely, reported his preliminary results before he fully considered the consequences of his doing so. My guess is that he has been spirited away by a large multinational corporation that is keeping him incommunicado while they investigate the enormous economic potential of his experiment. You can find George's preliminary report at
and you can see that complex variables are involved, such as electric fields, aquatic plants and cyanobacterial films. You may protest that multinational corporations aren't supposed to be allowed to kidnap people, but if these corporations make sufficiently large donations to major political parties, you would be amazed at what they can do. Since no patent applications for the process have been filed yet, I assume that some technical glitches have yet to be solved. Perhaps they are having a hard time getting the requisite cyanobacterial films. I'm sure that some of us are not having these problems, and we, therefore, may have an edge in developing this process. I am referring you to George's report in hopes that someone on this list will be able to develop the process to the point where a patent process can be filed. I think it costs about $1,200.00 to file a patent application, but it is worth it to get George back in time for the convention. I am assuming that, if somebody does file a patent on the process, the multinational corporation will have no further reason to hold onto George (and Karla), and will let them go. Besides, if the process can be up-scaled, the lucky patent holder could become a billionaire!

Free George Booth!
Paul Krombholz in steamy central Mississippi