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Algae, though no PO4 or NO3

I've been a lurker on the APD list for about 4 years, since setting up my first planted tank. The advice and references from you folks has been great!

My first tank was a 38 gallon tank, low light no CO2. It did pretty well for over 3 years, but finally plants just stopped growing (i had midget hygro, midget vals, everything midget) and BGA started to happen. I crhronically had high PO4 and pretty high NO3 readings in that tank as well.

I recently "upgraded" to a 65 gallon setup, 36x18x25, 110W CF lighting, CO2 via 2 of those new Hagen kits (~DIY). mix of flourite and natural gravel substrate with some fertilizer pellets down deep. Eheim 2260 filter (i LOVE this filter -- very very quiet). Plant growth seems to be fast, esp vals which are taking over; swords having babies, etc. But algae is also a problem: first it was black brush along the edges, now it is the green carpet fuzz on a lot of things, esp leaves higher up near the lights.

Plants: various swords, vals, Anubias nana, bacopa, cabomba (which has no algae on it), hydrocotyle, water wisteria.

I do have a fairly high fish load, mostly small tetras and cories, a few angels. 10 ottos. No snails thanks to a clown loach which I really should trade in; he's gotten a bit too big. I feed only once/day, if that. Fish seem healthy and happy :)

I do supplement with Flourish, Flourish Iron, Potassium, a few times a week. I have been adding some extra Flourish Excel just to see whether that woud help. Somewhat to my surprise, with all of these fish, no measurable PO4 or NO3. pH also is high -- it appears over 7, and on my old tank, i regularly was in the 6.5 range.

I don't really understand why the algae is so prevalent, given the lack of P04 and No3. So I'm not sure whether I should ADD something, or try to TAKE AWAY something.

Suggestions much appreciated --

Leslie, in Pittsburgh PA
where May seemed more like April, weather wise, this year...