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Re: Moon Lights

I'm not sure if they simulate the moon accurately or not (and don't really
care), but I'm using a pair of 12 volt cold-cathode neons designed for use
in decorating a car inside the hood of my 29 gal ... got them from Meijer
for ~$20 (a lot imho, maybe cheaper sources online?)

Possible http://www.allelectronics.com -- they have several different sizes of Cold Cathode Flourescent Tubes (CCFT). They also have the little power supplies necassary to run them. Cost is probably about $10-15 for the setup (for a 12"), not including some kind of DIY enclosure if you aren't just building them into an existing light hood. The have several colors, but I would think either the white or the blue would be most appropriate here.

I think they also had 12" and 16" models, for those lucky enough to have
bigger tanks :)


For small tanks LEDs might work better. The blue and white LEDs can be bought for a few bucks each surplus (about 50% of the cost from regular distributors), but those are usually surplus due to color variations that prevent them from being sold through normal channels. For moonlight purposes they are probably fine. If you lightly sand the lens of the LED you can get a more diffused light rather than the usual spotlight that the LED produces.


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