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Re: Where's George -- And When was he most George

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 09:05:10PM -0700, Erik Olson wrote:
> That history's really being made right *now*.  The societies and clubs are
> mostly a relatively new thing in the past three years (though some of the
> early ones, such as Vancouver, have already come, made their mark, and
> faded).  The APD (which I consider a "mother" of the aquatic plant
> communities... maybe Usenet is the "grandmother") is now 8.  The AGA 
> turned twelve this year, (though not counting its former pre-Internet
> "AAGA" incarnation), but I would say that only in the past few years has
> actually started growing into a society (& still clawing and biting its
> way along).
> Compare that to something like our local aquarium club GSAS which is now
> 32, or even some of those clubs in New England that have been around for
> the better part of a century...
> I guess I'm going to have to research some of this stuff, as I have been
> roped int... I mean, I have the honor of presenting it in Dallas this
> November... [plug, plug] :)

Excellent. Not sure if I'll be there, but ... Excellent. :-)

And kudos to you, Erik, for all of your "behind-the-scenes" work for the
community for many years now. The Booths and Barrs have a higher visibility
and therefore get alot of the attention, but with The Krib and your AGA work
and more you have contributed alot to the hobby over the years. Thank you,
and well done!

Dan Resler                            email: dresler at vcu_edu
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