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Re: Moonlights -- or moonlighting with a soldering iron

I think these are basically a stepdown transform (wallwart)
and a super high output LED or two.  It's amazing how much
light and what colors one can get out of a cheap little LED
these days.  The superbrights are found in traffic control
signals and lots of other places that used to use
incadescent bulbs.

You can make one of these moonlights for very little money
if you are adept at soldering.

Check out Chuck Gadd's excellent web site for a small write
up on a multicolored night light he made, for about $20 as
I recall


You can get super bright LEDs in yellow, green, red, blue
and even white, which is a cool white.

Put a red green and blue leds together and the effect is
pretty much white light.  Mis 'em up and get different

Fun project for real DIYers.  Just be sure you get high
quality LEDs and that you can solder without overheating. 
The superbright LEDS in Blue/white/green/yellow, all use
phosphors to get their colors and overheating will cause
the phosphors to burn out very quickly.

Scott H.

Scott H.

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