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Re: lights of america model 9266

My local Home Depot carries them including the spare bulbs (Philadelphia)
actually I have a lights of america building (distribution? manufacturing?
not sure) around the corner from my house. I tried this light (65W) and
although mine is still working perfectly (illuminating the driveway now)
others have had bad experience with durability. Apparently many of these
lights tend to die prematurely. I was lucky but then again I drilled holes
in the case to help keep it cool, I wonder if that has anything to do with
the light lasting a little longer so far. The color temperature I think was
claimed at 10000K but looks a little higher. Other than that, they are
cheap, small and put out a lot of light. Mine has a white plastic reflector
which could be improved but others have told me that they found the same
model with a metal reflector. Oh yeah and I heard the same rumors about this
light, sounds strange to me but anything is possible I guess. You often see
them for sale on eBay as hydroponic grow lights for about twice the price
that Home Depot sells them for.

Giancarlo Podio

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Well... homedepot.com using a Colorado zipcode carries them, however,
homedepot.com using a Michigan zipcode claims invalid sku.  I tried placing
an order from the Colorado website, but as soon as I put in my shipping
address, it comes up with an error.

I called customer service, they claim there is a block on Michigan for the
42 and 65 watt models and they cannot sell me that light, only the 13 or 27
watt models.

None of the three wal-marts I called near here carry this model either!

I visited the owner of a local Do-It-Best hardware store, and he can get me
the lights, minimum order of four, for about $32 ea with a four to six week
lead time!

Is the regional sale of these lights being controlled?  I've heard rumors,
but I think that's silly, since there are dozens of legitimate uses for a
bright light, and only a few illegitimate ones.

Home depot websites for Illinois, Ohio and Indiana also do not carry this