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Newbie Design (week 3 update)

I've updated my newbie tank page at http://www.severed.us/plant_tank.html
with some of the sights and sounds of week three. 


Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone. I am happy with the results so


I have a dumb RO question and a dumber RO question.


The dumb one: Do I still have to treat my RO/DI water with Amquel?


I know that one is dumb because the obvious answer is "It couldn't hurt". 


The dumber one: Does it matter that I still use sodium in the my water
softener which supplies water to the RO/DI unit? 


Dumb because I probably should've asked the before I stored it 60 gallons of
RO water. My theory is that the RO/DI unit will take care of any loose
sodium that makes it out of the softener. Once mixed with outside water to
make proper tank water, it should be a problem. Am I right, or do I need to
go back to school?


Thanks again


Chris (aka Newbie)



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