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ViaAqua canister filter

I recently added one of these to replace the wet dry on a 75 gallon tank.
I looked at the Rena, Fluval and the Ehiem which all have a similar range
and design. 

I am pleased with the installation ease overall. Flow rate is very good,
315gph for 20 watts of power(Model 750). The wet/dry used 60watts of power
but did pump more water. Still, for this sized tank, I felt this would be a
better solution for electrical cost as well as other considerations.

The main reason for switching to the canister was keeping the Amano shrimp
out of the skimmer prefilter when I left town for awhile. I put screen up
but it would clog fast and overflow and either leak over the tank or the
shrimps would jump/crawl over the overflow. Sponges had the same issues.
Even if I was around all the time, I had to net the shrimps out and return
to the tank. PITA. 

Then the issue or noise. There is no noise at all. Wet drys are work to get
them to quite it down and this thing is 8 ft from the bed.

I liked the spray bar and in/outlets, disconnects. Nice seal on the motor
housing and good large media baskets. Good clamps for removing/closing the
motor housing. Seems as nice as the slightly more expensive comparable
filters for the same or more media/gph.
Seems to be a great filter.
Tom Barr