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Eclipse 5 gallon lighting

> A while back, the wife asked me for her own little aquarium, an Eclipse 5
> gallon Hex.  This comes with an incandescent bulb, which I switched out
> a screw in type compact fluorescent bulb of 14 watts.  I couldn't find a
> bulb that has anything close to 6500k or even 5000k.   This bulb puts out
> an awful yellow sheen, so I suspect it is somewhere in the 3000k
> range.  Algae seems to love this light.  Does anyone know a source for a
> similar wattage bulb but in a higher color temperature?
> Thanks!

I use Springlamp screw-in PCF bulbs.  You can check out the webpage at
www.springlamp.com.  I order them from www.1000bulbs.com.  They have 6500K
and 5100K bulbs, and I've been very happy with both.  I have them in 15 and
27 Watt varieties, but they have several other wattages as well.  They run
as hot as most screw-in PCFs, but not so much that they melt anything or the
like.  I have a 15 Watt bulb in a little 2 gallon hex tank with a lid
similar to an Eclipse and it works just fine.  Hope this helps!