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Re: Where's George?

> From: Dan Resler <resler at liberty_egr.vcu.edu>
> Subject: Where's George?
> "Where's George Booth?" people ask???
> Please, people, have a little more respect for the dead. George died years
> ago in a tragic accident while working on his tank; April 1994 if my memory
> serves me correctly. Newbies to APD can ask some of the old-timers how it
> happened. Or you can search the rec.aquaria Usenet archives.

	Have I really been around that long.....??

	I thought that George was a fiction of Kevin Conlin's, invented
so that we could have minor flame wars when usenet or (later) the APD
got a bit dull.  I liked the one that resulted when Kevin put the contents
of an e-mail of mine on the APD, so that the "George" character could
fulminate a bit.    ;)


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