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Posts not showing up on archives

Has anyone else noticed posts not showing up on the archives? I'm a long time lurker who has just been reading the archives "This month" messages for awhile. I just registered so I could finally post, and was quite surprised when the digest seems to have many more messages than the archives this month. Is this normal? Is there just a delay? I thought the archives got the posts as the emails were received. Am I missing something? Thanks!


PS: since I'm coming out of lurkdom, and who knows when I'll do it again, let me say thanks for all the advice over the years. I kept a planted tank based on the advice on this list in the late 90s very successfully. Then I made a leap to reefs for awhile, but now I've come back to planted tanks. I currently have a 75g and a 29g planted tank. Both doing very well.

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