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Re: Glass for Tank Top -- cracking up over water

S. Hieber wrote:
> But I happened to find a glass shop that was very
> hesitant to sell me borosilicate glass.  The guy 
> running the shop kept saying, "How hot do the bulbs 
> get?  So why do want special glass?" 

Apparently my glass shop was more willing to sell me
something I didn't need. 

> Naw, I'd buy one piece of plain glass and just put 
> a small piece of something under the bulb to hold 
> it slightly off the glass

Just don't tell my wife I could have used the $18
glass and a chunk of something I probably could have
found for free.  Actually, I don't think the bulb
touched the glass before, but I wouldn't bet money on
it.  Well maybe your money, but not mine...

When I replaced the glass cover, I also adjusted the
AHSupply bulb holders to move the bulb a little higher
into the fixture, so that probably would have
prevented any future issues too.

To tell you the truth, after coming home to the 3
pieces of broken glass, 4 energized and lit power
compact bulbs and an entire diy light fixture sitting
in my aquarium, the $70 for the more heat resistant
glass seems like cheap insurance.


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