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Re: Plants for a lake Tangayanikan Biotope

> Madan Subramanian <madans at hathway_com> asked:

> Subject: Plants for a lake Tangayanikan Biotope
> I would like to know what plants I can use in a lake Tanganyikan Biotope
> tank.
> I have Anubias and Vallisneria what other plants in addition to these can I
> use ?

Madan, I think the lake is pretty void of much vegetation. Over the years, the
only plants I've seen listed or talked about is vals. The herbivore fish eat a
lot of algae, which is abundant.

Getting away from the biotope, I've used ferns with good success. I also believe
anubias aren't part of the lake biotope, but they will do fine. I know there's a
National Geographic video out about Lake Tanganyika and I've heard it's
wonderful, but I haven't seen it yet. It's called "Jewel of the Rift". If you
can, give it a whirl, it may show some indigenous plants that we've missed over
the years.

Let us know what you find out. I've got 3 large tanks of Tanganyikans myself.

Jamie <"\\\><

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