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Re: cables

>From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
>>1) Provide warmth in the substrate for certain plant species (Barclaya
   longifolia, specifically).  In this case the substrate should be
warmer than the water. <<

>Warmer than the water? What if you keep high temps in your tank year
round, like 85F or higher?
>What about in the summertime when the temp is in the high 90s or higher
for weeks at a time?
>What does the ambient room temp have to be for the heaters to kick on?
>I have heard stories from people that during the entire summer their
cable heaters never even came on.
>Unless you have central air conditioning in your home and you keep the
temp at 70 24/7,
>would cable heaters still be effective?

It doesn't have to be that hot in the tank, or that cold in the room. In
the summer, I keep my house at 74 and my tank at 78. The cables begin
cycling about 4 hours after the lights go off, and turn off shortly
after the lights come on in the morning. 

As for whether the cables are effective, I'll let George fight that
battle, I quit trying many years ago. All I know for certain is they
keep the tank warm. :)

Jon Wilson