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Re: Eclipse 5 Gallon Hex Lighting


I have a different screw in compact fluorescent bulb, also at Home Depot. It is Commerical Electric, SKU# 772429, Model EDX 05-19, 6500K.

Wattage is higher, 18 and it may be larger than the opening you have available. It must be held up about a half inch so the bulbs do not rest on the cover glass when used on my standard incandescent ten gallon strip light.

Hope it works, the color is very nice for fish and plants.

Kathy in southern California


A while back, the wife asked me for her own little aquarium, an Eclipse 5 gallon Hex. This comes with an incandescent bulb, which I switched out for a screw in type compact fluorescent bulb of 14 watts. I couldn't find a bulb that has anything close to 6500k or even 5000k. This bulb puts out an awful yellow sheen, so I suspect it is somewhere in the 3000k range. Algae seems to love this light. Does anyone know a source for a similar wattage bulb but in a higher color temperature?



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