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High color screw-in Compact flourescents

Tony Esfeld pointed me towards a bulb he found at HomeDepot
with a 6500 K color temp.

I couldn't find it online but found a 15 watter one at 5000
K.  Not bad.

The 6500 K might be there too but I can't find it (or just
can't recognize it) on-line.  What shows up on-line for HD
in one place doesn't always show up in another.  And what's
stocked at any one of these store locations changes from
time to time.

So the best advice is to check out the local HD or Lowe's
if you're looking for a screw-in CFL with a midrange color
temp.  You just might find what you're looking for.  But
you might need to view the base of the bulb to find the
color temp!

Scott H., chalking one up for the optimists today

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