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Amazon sword plantlets

I have at the moment a very, very happy Amazon sword that has sent spikes out of the tank with a bunch of plantlets and flowers. No roots yet on any of the plantlets, but I'm curious about a few things that maybe someone else on here as seen: how long before the plantlets show roots? How long before the plantlets can be safely separated from the main plant? And has anyone found any particular regimen that has been beneficial to the plantlets? I have probably upwards of 20-30 plantlets right now with plenty more starting. I'm hoping to get a lot of them to the point where I can use them in a near-future new tank setup.

Once the plantlets have separated I'm planning to grow them in a flat, possible with a shallow gravel layer if necessary.

BTW, I had to set up a temporary light above the tank to light all the plantlets. Home Depot was clearing out some propreitary CF lights (16 watt I think, one long tube) for about $12 with the fixture. They're low color temp, but they're very cheap and put out a whole lot of light.


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