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Re: PO4 and cavities

> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: Plant Problems -- whence comes the PO4
> Steven Pituch said, in part:
>> Barr also mentioned adding phosphate, but I am adding a
>> lot of fish food
>> lately so I have been forgoing the phosphate.  I don't
>> even need to do any
>> testing any more, which makes it all very simple.
> I do not question your situation but I thought I would note
> my own situation: even when feeding heavily, I don't get a
> lot of phosphate in my tanks and have to supplement PO4.
> NO3 is another matter?
> Scott H.

I think adding depending on fish waste alone for the PO4 is asking for
trouble. The ratio of PO4:NO3/NH4 is lower than the plant's needs.

You still need to add PO4.
NO3 uptake will drop off markedly if the tank is PO4 limited.
Adding PO4 will increase N uptake by 2-4X maybe more.

But you can pass on it and try to rely on fish food alone. The extra PO4
will not cause algae and will likely prevent any future crashes should there
not be enough PO4. Take care of the plants with a routine rather than
waiting till there's a problem.

**It's better to brush your teeth rather than waiting till you have

Tom Barr