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Re: AGA 2003 -- Waiting for George - and Paul and David, and . . .

Tom Barr said:

> Where is George [Booth]? He better come to Dallas for
this year's
> AGA meeting!

If nothing else, it will stop so many folks at the
convention from asking, "Is George Booth here?"  "Has
anyone seen George?"

Last year's convention was great.  But there were some
others conspicuous in there absence that we hope to see in
Dallas this November.  You've seen there names repeatedly
on this list and they've helped just about all of us to
grow plants under water.  It's only June but so far
everything points to a really good turnout this year.

Besides the talks, there are going to be Focus Groups (or
what some would call workshops).

There's even a free airport-hotel shuttle provided by the
hotel.  Last year, Erik and Kathy Olson provided the
shuttle service -- the pair just keep on giving :-)

As soon as the hotel software link is ready, one can
reserve a room right online via 


Online registration should available at the AGA site very
soon too -- One Stop Shopping while you're waiting for the
tank to drain for a water change ;-) 

Scott H.

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