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Re: Eclipse 5 Gallon Hex Lighting -- Color and color temps of CFLs

Kirk M. said:
> . . .I switched out for 
> a screw in type compact fluorescent bulb of 14 watts.  I
> couldn't find a 
> bulb that has anything close to 6500k or even 5000k.  
> This bulb puts out 
> an awful yellow sheen, so I suspect it is somewhere in
> the 3000k 
> range.  

I think that's a pretty good guess.  The house light screw
in compact flourescents lights (CFLs) that are designed to
be warmer than convetional Office flourescents are usually
around 2700 K.  The warmer color temp is acheived with a
lot of low end green, which gives the lighting an overall
yellowish cast -- well, that's warmer than blue-white,
anyway ;-)  .  Doesn't do a lot for plants in the green
range.  I'm pretty sure that it's not the color temp so
much as the spectrum.

Broad spectrum CFLs are a rare thing (as opposed to power
compacts); it hurts the price point for household light
bulbs using those more expensive phosphors.  Even the more
expensive Philips screw in CFLs are very yellow.  If anyone
finds redder ones, be sure to post; we all love to have

Scott H.

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