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2003 AGA Aquascaping Contest Now Open!

Hi folks,

On the heels of today's announcement of the convention dates, I'm pleased
to announce that yours truly got his butt in gear... and the website for
this year's AGA International Aquascaping Contest is now open for

The short: Deadline September 15th.

The new: PayPal now integrated into the online entry form.  Folks from
Singapore no longer have to hope that $5 bill hidden inside the paper 
forms makes it the entire trip.

The long:  The AGA International Aquascaping Contest had its genesis on
the APD, and was envisioned as a platform for aquarists to share and
compare their aquascapes, and for others to draw on these as possible
inspiration for their own future 'scapes.  Part of the goal is the
sharing, but there is also a friendly competition, judged by folks ranging
from APD standards to famous people such as Claus Christensen.  (If you
have some suggestions for judges this year, feel free to drop me a line.)  
We guarantee at least ribbons for placings in each category; sometimes
these have been supplemented by donated prizes from manufacturers.  You
can do almost everything online now: you can type in your entry form,
upload photos, and pay using a credit card via PayPal.  The only thing you
have to mail is a signed photo release form.  Of course, you are also free
to send in any part or all of your entry by traditional postal mail -- we
will be happy to scan in negatives, slides or prints, or can copy images
from various media.  The best way to get more information is to head on
over to our site: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org and poke around.  
We've got the last three years' entrants on display, as well as
instructions, PR material, entry forms, and online registration.

Hope to see your aquaria this year!

  - Erik
    organizer, 2003 AGA International Aquascaping Contest

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com