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lights of america model 9266

Well... homedepot.com using a Colorado zipcode carries them, however,
homedepot.com using a Michigan zipcode claims invalid sku.  I tried placing
an order from the Colorado website, but as soon as I put in my shipping
address, it comes up with an error.

I called customer service, they claim there is a block on Michigan for the
42 and 65 watt models and they cannot sell me that light, only the 13 or 27
watt models.

None of the three wal-marts I called near here carry this model either!

I visited the owner of a local Do-It-Best hardware store, and he can get me
the lights, minimum order of four, for about $32 ea with a four to six week
lead time!

Is the regional sale of these lights being controlled?  I've heard rumors,
but I think that's silly, since there are dozens of legitimate uses for a
bright light, and only a few illegitimate ones.

Home depot websites for Illinois, Ohio and Indiana also do not carry this