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Re: Plant probs (more nutrient questions)

Steve Pituch wrote:

> I am sure Guru Tom Barr will comment on this but based on what he told me
(as I understood it) I am dosing the following.

>1)   1.1 grams KNO3 per 20 gallons, twice per week.  (Greenlight stump
remover from the plant store.)  This is mostly for nitrate but also gives
some potassium.

>2)   1.0 gram muriate of potash per 20 gallons, once per week.  (also
bought cheap at the plant store)  This is for Potassium.  K2SO4 can also be
used if available.

>3)   5 ml of Flourish per 20 gallons, twice per week.

>4)   Do a 50% water change once per week to reset nutrient levels and
prevent overdosing.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I fixed that link for my main tanks specs. 

Is this a permanent regiment or just something until they start looking
better, and get better established? I was originally planning on 25% water
change every two weeks. 

Any suggestions on an inexpensive gram scale which is accurate enough to
weigh these? 

Are there test kits for nutrient levels for things like K2SO4 and KNO3?