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lights of america model 9266

Of course, I'm behind on things of potential value, especially in terms of
cheap effective lighting.

I've been reading about a compact fluorescent light that came out several
years ago ('99 - '00) called the Lights of American model 9266 which used a
quad tube 64 watt compact fluorescent and separate ballast, cri of around
80, temp of 6500k+.

There is even mention of this light, and similar models in the APD, but the
posts are several years old.

I've read rumors online about these lights being taken off the market
because of popularity of their usage in growing "other" plants.  All I can
find now is their 27watt model and replacement bulbs (without ballast) for
42 and 64 watts

Does anyone have any current leads on these lights?  I was hoping to grab a
bunch and make some pendants for an open-top tank.


I am currently using 5 of these lights on a 135g. They work well for me even though I seem to have to replace about 2 lights a year (fixture and all, they just stop working, and replacing the bulbs does not correct). HomeDepot.Com carries these $29.97 + shipping.


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