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Snail armageddon!! :-O

What started with 7 small ramshorn snails has now turned into about 70+
ramshorn snails.  And of course they are growing exponentially in numbers as
we speak... So...  What are my options?  I know a certain number of snails
are beneficial with eating debris/algae what not (@ 1st they really cleaned
up my tank!), but now they are eating all the pellet food my fish usually
eat, and my tank definitely has become over run with them.  So I'd like to
keep some (not sure how many - I have a 55 gal tall), but control the

I already have:

2 gold zebra loaches
2 striped (tiger) botia
2 freshwater puffers

All of which I have been told eat snails.

But I think they are outnumbered!  :-O  Plus they are all small fish, and
can only eat the smaller of snails (average snail in tank is about pea

More botias/loaches?
Scoop em' out?  (then what?)
Feed all live/frozen food so snails can't eat?

SO MANY patches of snail eggs on plants, I know I have to do something soon!


Thanks for your help!

Over and out.... ... ..  .    .


beatsfrombeyond at mac_com