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Re: cables

> Why do all the websites seem to suggest that substrate heating is
> expensive? I live in the UK and can buy a Rena Cor heating coil for the
> aquarium, vivarium or terrarium for a less than £35 even for over 80 UK
> gallons (96 US gallons).
> (Price for illustration purposes from www.aquatics-online.co.uk

Well it wouldn't be the APD without a cable comment every few months:-)

Retile heat mats run 15$ here and a controller adds another 15-20$.
Stick to the bottom of your tank. Some pads are pre set to 30C etc.

If you proscribe to the Dupla notion, you will need to have a good set up
with precise height and stability cups to hold the cables in place.

I think any and every one would be extremely hard pressed to show any
significant difference, short or long term of the reptile heating pads vs
the any cable system, Dupla or otherwise.

For the cost of even a cheap cable set up or a reptile pad, I can buy
Flourite and never have to plug anything in or have cables buried in the
substrate at all and have better plant growth. You could use both cable and
Flourite I suppose but I'm quite happy without any cables. I've used cable
for over 10 years and have had 7 tanks with them. I sold them all.

Tom Barr