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check valve overkill?

I recently replaced my external CO2 reactor with an Aqualine Buschke
internal which is driven by a Mini-Jet 404 on the next to the lowest
setting.  Much to my horror, sometime after the controller closed the CO2
solenoid, I found a puddle under my bubble counter (Aquamedic).  This
stopped after I put a cheap check valve inline near the reactor.
Unfortunately, after the check valve filled with water, the CO2 had a
difficult time forcing it back out and I had to crank the bubble count to
ridiculous amounts to get CO2 into the reactor.  So then I replaced the
bubble counter with a Knop which has a Dennerle check valve built into the
bottom (input) of it and removed the check valve by the reactor. FWIW, NEVER
remove a check valve until everything else is hooked up, talk about an
impromptu water change :)

So this brings me to the current setup.  Regulator - Dennerle check valve -
Knop bubble counter with Dennerle - reactor.

This seems to work beautifully but I already had a Dennerle inline between
the regulator and bubble counter.  Are two Dennerle's inline going to cause
undue pressure or problems?  It seems to work fine thus far.

Daphne, where we were considering moving our house onto a pontoon with the
record setting rains!