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Re: Price of substrate heating -- Plugging equipment holes

Bill Wichers said, in part:

> BTW, there is a 3-prong US plug (known as a NEMA 5-15P)
> with a proper 
> ground terminal that makes contact before the other two.
> It's not terribly 
> unlike the UK plug but it is smaller, and it uses the
> same blades for power 
> (ground is a round pin) as the two-prong non-grounded
> connector which can 
> be plugged into a grounded receptacle.

Interesting.  I thought all grounded plugs had ground
prongs that made contact before the hot and neutral prongs.

I hear you loud and clear about how poor many house
receptacles are at delivering power -- and most plugs are
very bad too, relying on simple crimps, small contact areas
between metals that tend to film over and corrode with age.
 Truth is though, most purposes, it doesn't seem to matter
much.  Unless you want to a good clean supply of power with
out unnecessary resistance.

Scott H.

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