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Free plants in southern California

I am finally clearing my tank out. Couldn't see the bottom plants on one side!

There are three E. compacta, two of which have flowering stems - I didn't know that.

Lots of Marselia and E. tennellus, small kind that gets red tinge. They were tangled with a tangly algae and xmas moss but most of the plants look perfectly clean to me.

May be some pennywort if I cannot stuff it back into the tank.

Loads of C. petchii. Two big bunches and loads of smaller pieces.

This is enough to replant my 18"x60" tank all over again. Nice and dense too.

I can get credit for the crypt and compacta at the LFS but no way would they want the tennellus and they are pretty sick of my Marselia.

So, PLEASE, anybody around eastern Ventura County come take some of my baby plants off my hands.

Kathy who is taking a break from planting before starting to replant those tiny ground cover plants.

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