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RE: hard water

>I have a simple question.
>Might there be any problems with using very hard (Kh and Gh about 20 )
tapwater for a planted   >aquarium?
>For the moment I'm using RO water mixed with tapwater to get a hardness of
10 Kh. Because this  >is a lot of work I would like to skip the RO water.
>One of the plants in my thank that I think migth not be so happy with this
hard water is        >hemianthus micranthemoides. Another one is
cryptocoryne pontederifolia.
>Am I rigth about this or not?
>Are there any other bad consequences like a higher pH (above 7 )?
>Every answer will be very appreciated. Thanks


I'm using well water in two planted tanks here. GH is pretty much off the
scale of my test kit, and KH runs around 5 or so.  I've not had problems
that I can -definitely- attribute to the hardness of the water, and I can
grow a pretty wide range of plants. I've never had a problem with any crypts
I've tried.  The only plant that really does not seem to like my water is

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