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Outdoor tub ponds

Since the topic is up, I thought I'd ask... If I'm wanting to do tropical
fish outdoors in a tub during the summer what would be the minimum size
from a temperature stability standpoint? I was thinking at least fifty
gallons at first, now I'm wondering if eighty to a hundred gallons isn't
more realistic.

I don't want to take up the *entire* back patio if I don't have to. :-)
Anybody have some thoughts?

BTW, last summer I tried a twenty-gallon tub with water plants (no fish).
Some Salvinia got in there and grew over the entire top two layers thick.
I still had Rotala rotundifolia and Mayaca fluviatilis growing like mad
underneath it. The tub was got pretty much direct sun most of the day...
Despite what all those people with 5 wpg tanks might make you think, most
of those aquatic plants don't seem to be really direct sunlight type
plants. (Water lilies and floating plants seem to be the exception.)

Just my experience. I've only done it one summer, so what do I know. :-)


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