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Four topics, come one, come all!!

I've been perusing the list lately looking in some of the more recent
archives and noticed a few topics that caught my eye that I'd like to

> Subject: Re: Pushing a thousand litres of water
>> From: "Greger Lindstrand" <greglind at algonet_se>
>> I was astonished when measuring the output of CO2 enriched water from
>> the Reaktor S. It was exactly the same 192 l/h!!!

Another person mentioned how exactly to go about what the best length of
tube would it be for a particular sized tank.  Now thinking about this
again I guess it would more rest on the bubble rate/pH/kh etc rather then
the actual length of the tube...I was also thinking of using my old python
gravel vac tube (since I got the longer version, very nice by the way, in
my 90g my hand barely gets wet while vacuuming!) as a reaktor instead of
purchasing one.  I started this tank thinking I would do as much of it
myself as possible, I built the wet/dry (saving hundreds of $$$ btw over
pre-made ones) and scoured the net for best prices...now to the question,
the default python gravel vac is something like 12", would that be long
enough for a reactor?  Also, where would I find the small bio balls, I've
only seen bio balls roughly the size of gold balls (which btw I have 5g of
and though I might use just some of those, can it be done?).  Or, can I
just go down to the lfs and get some larger gravel pieces, more like
pebbles.  I just recently bought a 10lb tank/reg/valve and have simply put
the airline in the end of my sump pump pre-filter.  This does a nice job
of mixing the CO2 and each bubble makes a small noise allowing me to use
it also as a counter!, but now I'd really like to not have the tiny
bubbles constantly.  I don't really mind the increase in CO2 since this
will last so long, however it would be nice to use less and more
efficiently.  The effect on the plants is increadible, no doubt it has
made a large difference...

> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 23:13:08 -0500
> From: - <triax at bellsouth_net>
> Subject: Pictures
> Mr. Barr,
> Do you have any pictures of  your tank setups on the internet?
> Thanks!
> Kirk
Mr. Barr, you've contributed some amazing, valuable information to this
list (amongst others, and I thank you all for the vast amount of info). 
Is there a site where we may see your handy work?  If not, I would like to
dedicate some web space to just this list.  If anyone is familiar with
Gallery (php-based photo gallery), I've been running it on my site for
some time, and I figure lots of times pictures could help people
along...anyone interested?

Retro fit kits...going along the same thought process, I think I may make
my own suspended, wood contained canopy/hood for my tank.  I'd like to
really go all out on the lights since right now I have two, two bulb shop
lights just sitting on the glass top.  These 4, 48" bulbs don't make the
thumbnail 2-3w/g in my tank (2' tall, btw, so only 160w at the surface for
90g!!), so growing lower level plants seems impossible.  It is evident as
the plants get taller they grow better, and suspended pieces seem really
happy!  Is a retro fit kit the best way to go?  I know this is a good
argument starter on what's the best lighting, I don't want to break the
bank, and I should have plenty of room in this thing...so I was thinking
along those lines instead of other more expensive options.

I also recently purchased a RedSea deluxe test kit, very nice...I can test
many water perameters I just never knew before, including CO2 just by
itself (Although I don't know how much I trust it considering the kh/pH
independent tests can show slightly different results).  Now, the Iron
test shows no iron at all...always, what gives?  In some of the archives
people have mentioned dosing chelated iron, others mention that its not
necessary, hmm?  What, other then pH, fe, kh/gh, ammonia and phosphate
should I be testing for and dosing.  I hate buying this expensive
fertilizer without knowing whats in it (kent) and whats being left over
that I don't need.  I also belive it would be far cheaper to do a PMDD but
never really got a handle on going about it.