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Re: All Glass Reflector

Ray wrote:
> Hello,  The white plastic reflector in my twin bulb lightstrip on my
> 20 gallon high is disintegrating.  Is there a replacement reflector out
> there that I can use.   The light strip uses standard bulbs.  Thanks,
> Ray
Ray, I don't suppose that it's possible to get a replacement from All Glass,
but their web site is at http://www.all-glass.com.

I'm thinking your best bet might be to try AH Supply's reflectors
(http://www.ahsupply.com). I know that people often retrofit his kits into
standard fixtures so I don't see why you couldn't just use one of his
reflectors (?) assuming it would fit in there with your current bulb
arrangement.  He could probably tell you whether or not that's feasible. I
think he does sell just the reflectors.

I'm sure someone will pop up with another alternative or two.

My .02 anyway.

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