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micron filtration

Greetings Everyone...

I recently picked up a OMNIFilter Econ model, which is designed for
whole-house and under-sink filtration of drinking water, but I was hoping to
use it as a cheap way to polish water.  The unit cost about $10 and the 5
micron cartridge was like $2, so it's pretty cheap, if it works

I have it hooked to a MaxiJet 1000 via 1/2 hose, and I'm getting a good
strong flow out of the filter, with the cartridge installed.  I'm wondering
however, if micron filtration is bad for a planted tank (Freshwater), or how
fine a micron is too fine (starts filtering out iron and other elements)

Apparently I can go down even finer microns by using am activated carbon /
fiberglass wound cartridge (the current 5 micron looks like tightly wound
spindle of what nylon yarn), and the 20 micron looks like a filter for the
HOT Magnum of pleated paper.