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Newbie Pics!

Hi all,

I've been bugging everyone with newbie questions for the past couple of
weeks. I appreciate the great information. I realize lots of my questions
were repeats, but there is so much information in the archives; some of it
conflicting, some of it old. It was very helpful to get some expert opinions
from helpful, experienced people. 

I currently only have SAEs and anti-algae plants right now, but I have the
RO system on order and hope to go Oto, Cory, Tetra, and eventually Discus.
Still haven't figured out where I want to go with the plants, but I have
definitely seen some stuff that I like. Just have to figure out what works

Anyway, it's time to show my progress! Don't laugh. I am only 3 weeks into
this hobby, from the time I decided I wanted to go planted until tonight.  

Without further ado, here tis: