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Re: Diy above tank cannister trickle filter.

     Damian Barton wrote:
     > I just wanted to let you know about my 'new' filtration
     > setup that replaced my conventional diy trickle filter
     > - -overflow, bio-tower and sump- setup.
     > ...
     > The barrel is completely airtight so there is
     > no Co2 loss or water evaporation ...


     If the system is air-tight prior to the output, then where will
     your bacteria get the oxygen necessary for nitrification?  I
     have a large air pump injecting air into my media tower.  Just
     wondering if I missed something, here ...

     -- Keith

Hi Keith,
I hadn't thought about that but I think that there would
be an oxygen input because the water itself being
pumped up to it should have a certain level of
oxygen in it. That would be because it's a planted
tank with a Co2 system that has a KH of 5.8 a pH
of 7 and Co2 level of 16.8ppm (according to Chucks
Co2 calculator) and everytime any of the fish knock
or brush against the java ferns a whole bunch of bubbles
are dislodged and rise to the surface.

I'm assuming that with that level of Co2 that those bubbles
are oxygen so the water being pumped up to the filter
would have plenty of oxygen in it.

So I believe nitrification would be taking place-
does that mean that the barrel is full of oxygen,
nitrogen Co2 or a combination of all the above?