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Pond Critters

Well, it's spring, and I'm fightitng the annual battle with the critters who 
find my pond attractive. I have a racoon,  and a squirrel who dug a Water 
Hawthorn out of one of my shallow baskets, all I need is a moose to go along with 
him, I suppose.

I bought a couple of devices, they are plastic, look like a big mushroom on a 
stake, with a resevoir to put various concoctions in to make life unpleasant 
for the fauna. Trouble is, they didn't really tell me what to use.

Does anyone know what a racoon or squirrel might find repelant? Other than 
their little heads on a pike? Last year for the first time my water lilly 
bloomed, and I sure would like some more flowers without the critters turning the 
whole pond into a dog's breakfast. 

I use live traps, but they are pretty good at avoiding them.


        Gerry Skau
        All The World's A Stage, But The Play Is Badly Cast---Oscar Wilde

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