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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #172 Above ground pond

  Stephan, gave you some good suggestions But here is my two cents.  I 
wouldn't consider an outdoor pool that small. They are incredibly hard to manage 
from every aspect. The temps fluctuate, plants grow too rapidly, fish 
overpopulate. and a heavy rain will put everything in the yard. I maintain 4 the smallest 
2x6 feet.  With ponds larger is definitely better.and a heck of a lot less 
   His plant list seems excellent but would disagree on the red plants. They 
do at least 10 times better outdoors. I interplant temple with water sprite in 
3 feet depth Looks like a Persian carpet when you look down on it. Almost 
surreal when Cabomba flowers. The back area has black magic Alocasia  Butterfly 
ginger and Hyacinth.
   For fish I use Red wag swords, and several species of tetra.  Don't forget 
that fish
that can be seen are a dinner bell for water birds..My swords always stay 
slightly ahead but have been totally wiped out by green herons.
    IME  I wouldn't attempt one under 300 gallons but yours will be temporary 
so maybe you'll avoid some of the problems.   Good luck

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