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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #171

>>Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 08:15:47 -0400
From: "JIM GOLASZESKI" <jersyjim47 at hotmail_com>

    Hello all,
    This is the first time that I have asked for help from the group, I couldn't find anything in the archives and I know someone out there can help. HERE  GOES. I'm thinking about setting up an above ground 85 gal. pond,where I'm thinking about putting it, it will get about 4 hours of direct sun , what plants would,  or could  I use and would I need gravel.  I was thinking about swordtails, some corydoras catfish and a few molly's in the way of fish, no filter or air pump. After I get it set up would I need to do water changes?, If so, how often and how much. Also how many fish do you think I should have in the pond?? Are there better fish than the above that you would have?
   I live in New Jersey so I'll be taking the fish in or selling them off in mid October just before it gets cold.
  Thank you for any input, it will be of great help    


Hi Jim, 

We have a pond set up on our deck with about the same amount of sunlight you say yours will have.  We keep about 80% of the surface area covered with watter lettuce and a smattering of water hyacinth.  The only potted plant is a papyrus in one elevated corner.  Also, we have a waterfall arrangement where the pump output (no filtration) emerges.  On this waterfall, we originally placed two 6 inch sprigs from a Pothos houseplant.  These have turned into a mountain (about 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall) of Pothos vines which are now spreading over the deck and into the yard with their only nutrition being fish waste in the water.  It's been three years now with only one 50% water change and one 100% replacement (due to the house being tented for termites.)  I assume the pothos (it is now producing leaves approximately 10" across!) has alot to do with the water staying pure, since it is seriously overstocked with Koi, goldfish, a half dozen paradise fish (used to be 2, but nature took it's course), about 10 platies (used to be two...same story) and a giant plecostomus (who didn't used to be so giant.)   There's also a very large Cichlasoma festivum in there somewhere.

One thing  I can warn you about is this:  goldfish and koi were bred to have brightly colored backs, making them visible in a pond.  Most aquarium fish (e.g. Corydoras) will be completely invisible in a pond (ain't evolution grand?!)  The festivum I mentioned earlier was about 7" long the last time I saw him, but he cannot be seen from the surface, ever.  Platies are more visible, but spend most of their time concealed under the floating plants.

Darren R. Gold

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